Our very existence consists of taking chances and having fun! In this part of the our website you will see all the things we’ve done to make the photo booth experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Let’s start with a fun time lapse video you might have seen before if you’ve visited our site via a desktop browser. This was shot using the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and lots of editing.

” I wanted to create a video that stands the test of time, which also includes fads and trends. I wanted something that I can show my friends and be proud that our little company made something fantastic. I wanted everyone to say, this came from a photo booth? A video is not a video without music, and the music must also go along with the video as if the artist envisioned it for our video” — Kevin – Co-Founder Memorybox

Turn up the volume, switch the video to full screen, set resolution to max, and immerse yourself in the moment.